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Sihanouk reunited with son

Only days after he announced a secessionist movement in Cambodia's eastern provinces, the wayward son of Prince Norodom Sihanouk was reunited Thursday with his father and promised his secessionist campaign was over.

"This audience marks the official end of the "secessionist' movement in certain provinces of Cambodia," the royal palace said in a statement after the meeting between Prince Sihanouk, Cambodia's head of state, and the son, Prince Norodom Chakrapong.

Chakrapong, promised amnesty by his father, had returned to Phnom Penh on Wednesday from Vietnam, where he had fled earlier in the week.

Last week Chakrapong announced he was forming an "autonomous zone" in seven eastern Cambodian provinces to protest the outcome of the internationally supervised elections last month.

Chakrapong was a deputy prime minister in the current Vietnamese-installed government, which lost the election to the royalist opposition party led by his estranged half-brother, Prince Norodom Ranariddh.

While the secessionist movement did not appear to have popular support, Chakrapong aligned himself with military leaders in the provinces and suggested he was ready to hold on to the autonomous zone together with force.