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1 dead, scores rescued in Miami riptides

A French tourist drowned and dozens of other swimmers were rescued from unusually strong currents and riptides in Miami Beach on Friday, police said. More than 40 people were rescued along Miami Beach on Thursday "and we easily had that many again" Friday, said beach patrol Lt. Jesse Alper. A 68-year-old French visitor, George Nenant, drowned at Haulover Beach, Metro-Dade police said. Two other people were in local hospitals. Lifeguards say beachgoers should go into dangerous waters only up to their knees to avoid being pulled out by the strong undertow.

Bush to campaign for governor full time

MIAMI _ Jeb Bush is leaving his real estate development company to concentrate on his fledgling campaign for governor. "While I have not officially announced, I believe my candidacy requires full-time attention from now to Election Day," said the 40-year-old Republican, son of President Bush. Bush's partner at Codina Bush Group, Armando Codina, said the severance settlement was in seven figures. "He won't have to worry about putting bread on the table while devoting his time to the campaign," Codina said.

Hoteliers not keen on spring breakers

DAYTONA BEACH _ Members of the Hotel Motel Association of the Daytona Resort Area voted overwhelmingly Thursday to discontinue the use of tax dollars for spring break promotions. Members said spring break and Black College Reunion weekend are tarnishing the city's image and causing vacationers to avoid Daytona at other times of the year. The action likely means that Destination Daytona! _ the city's visitors bureau _ will stop using tax dollars to promote spring break.

Farmers claim Glades pact progress

WEST PALM BEACH _ Farmers say they are making progress on how much they will pay into a $450-million Everglades cleanup plan, which federal and state officials were reviewing Friday in Washington. There's a June 21 deadline for reaching a settlement that would end legal battles, but farming officials Friday said that mediated talks could continue past the deadline. Missing the deadline would mean resuming depositions and other pretrial preparation for a state administrative hearing expected to begin late this fall. A settlement still would be possible before the hearing.

Suit planned in drug profile I-95 stops

ORLANDO _ A South Carolina woman planned to file a discrimination suit against Volusia County Sheriff Bob Vogel, accusing his deputies of targeting minority motorists for illegal searches, an attorney said Friday. Using a race-based profile, deputies confiscated millions of dollars from black and Hispanic motorists on Interstate 95 when there was no evidence of wrongdoing or criminal background, the federal suit charged. The lawsuit was to be filed Friday afternoon on behalf of Selena Washington, 49, of Charleston and the Florida NAACP chapter, said attorney Melanie Locklear. Vogel's selective enforcement team stopped more than 1,000 motorists for minor traffic violations. Of 262 cash seizures from 1989 to May 1991, one-fourth resulted in arrests. In many cases, people whose money was taken never tried to get it back because of the expense and time involved and fears of fighting a law enforcement agency.