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Sen. Specter leaves hospital: Sen. Arlen Specter left the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia on Friday after surgery to remove a brain tumor. He had a few things to say about his appearance.

"I do not challenge Yul Brynner in appearance. Nor do I look like Michael Jordan or Charles Barkley. But my head is shaved," the Republican senator said, his head bandaged.

Doctors removed a 2-inch tumor on Monday. Tests later determined the growth was benign, doctors said.

But it looked like a kangaroo: In Erie, Pa., a wandering kangaroo turned out to be a mangy possum. Tracks believed to be those of a lion turned out to belong to a great Dane.

Pennsylvania state game officials say unconfirmed reports of wild animals on the loose are common. But when they heard on Memorial Day that a lion had been sighted, they took notice. Parents were advised to keep their children indoors.

A loose lion, however, would have killed other animals, and there was no evidence of that, said Lorraine Yocum, a law enforcement supervisor for the Pennsylvania Game Commission. So the search eventually was called off.

Still, police are getting calls. A homeowner was alarmed when a backyard wading pool was found chewed up. A guard in Irvine, Pa., said a security camera filmed a large cat near a fence. An officer found only deer tracks.

"About three weeks ago, we got a report of a kangaroo," Yocum said. "Turned out it was a possum that had lost a lot of hair."