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Kids capture camp fun with camera

Published Oct. 9, 2005

Over the next few months, children all across America will be attending summer camp. These will be very special times, with memories that can last a lifetime.

To help preserve fond memories of summer camp friends and activities, you can pack an inexpensive 35mm camera in your child's camp knapsack. Point-and-shoot cameras, which require no adjustments or settings, start at under $50 and deliver very good results.

For a high percentage of good pictures, supply your child with print film in the ISO 200-400 range. These films let your child take action pictures outdoors in bright sunlight, as well as indoors and around campfires, when the light level is relatively low.

If you are not sure that your child is ready for his or her own camera, pack a single-use camera, which costs about $15, in your child's camp knapsack.

In fact, because some models are waterproof (to depths of 15 feet), a one-use camera may be the logical choice for summer campers who will be boating, swimming, fishing and water skiing.

For maximum protection against loss or theft, engrave your child's name and address on the camera bottom with a sharp object or a home engraving tool. These tools are specifically designed for this purpose and cost about $25.