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Message: "I've only killed one man tonight'

In Friday's A section, you may have read about a wrong-number message left on an Eagle, Minn., couple's answering machine by an accused killer.

In the message June 11, the man _ who thought he was calling a friend _ confessed to strangling the caretaker of his St. Paul apartment building and stuffing the man's body into a refrigerator. The message led St. Paul police to Francis Perlmutter, 39. He was charged Thursday with murdering Robert Frandsen, 67. Perlmutter was being held in the Ramsey County Jail Friday on $250,000 bail.

Here is a transcript of the message provided by the Ramsey County prosecutor's office:

"Francis here _ Francis Perlmutter. It's Friday, and I'm going to be standing on the edge of decision. About to throw myself off the edge. . . . Um, I've only killed one man tonight. Uh, the caretaker. . . . Life had gotten to the point where I could no longer, kind of, motivate myself to sort of keep on going, going, going. . . .

"In my hurt to sort of cope with all this . . . I've killed my caretaker. He's in the refrigerator right now. He's dead. I strangled him. . . .

"There is nowhere that I'm going except to hell and so I'm only coming back to this apartment. Because I want cigarettes and so I will have cigarettes and I will sit there on the edge of the building and I will drink a lot and I will eventually fall off. Boom."