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With a smile on his lips, a song in his heart and a mask covering his face, 78-year-old Clayton Moore was riding high again during a recent weekend of salutes celebrating the 60th anniversary of The Lone Ranger. Moore, who played the crusading cowboy on radio and television for more than four decades, was overjoyed at the reception and interest in the Lone Ranger celebration held in Lone Pine, Calif. He was lauded at ceremonies in the small high-desert town at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the site where many of the Republic Pictures Films and television shows were shot. Moore marked the occasion with warm words for the late Jay Silverheels, who played the Masked Man's faithful Indian companion Tonto on the show, and thanked his fans for remembering. He warned of the real-life dangers of guns, and told the young and old in attendance _ including former cowboy star Lash LaRue _ that the Ranger credo still holds. "I believe in order to have a friend, a man must be one," he said during the ceremonies.

Strike three, and they're out. In Living Color star Kim Wayan has quietly settled her legal flap with Fox television over her departure from the show, the two sides agreeing to simply call it quits and essentially to stop bothering each other. Kim was the third in a trio of family members to leave the show over creative differences. Brothers Keenen Ivory and Damon departed last year. Keenen was the show's creator and producer until his highly publicized exit. This time, it was decided to keep things a little more under wraps.

After several months of playing hard to get, Blossom star Joey Lawrence has signed up for another season with the NBC sitcom. The young actor, whose emergence on the show has led to remarkable success as a teen pin-up boy as well as a musical recording artist, reportedly got quite a hefty raise for returning to the series rather than, as threatened, changing directions to pursue a singing career. Lawrence is credited with helping the show find quite a loyal teen following in his role as the title character's brother. Mayim Bialik, who stars as Blossom, had yet to re-sign for next season, but insiders said they were confident a deal would be arranged in time to shoot a European vacation show scheduled to begin production by July.

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