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A chronicle of postal tragedies


AUG. 19: Perry Smith charged into the Johnston, S.C. post office with a shotgun and began firing at workers who fled. He followed them outside, wounding two and killing the local postmaster. Smith had resigned three months earlier after 25 years as a postal worker.

DEC. 2: James Howard Brooks went to the Anniston, Ala. postmaster's office, shot him dead, then wounded another supervisor. Brooks had a longstanding dispute with his supervisors.


MARCH 6: Steven Brownlee, who had worked for the postal service for 12 years, opened fire in a mail sorting area of the main Atlanta post office, killing two fellow employees and wounding a third.

MAY 31: Joseph Medina entered a New York City post office, pulled a rifle from a mailbag and aimed it at a supervisor. Another postal worker who came to the supervisor's aid was shot in the stomach. Medina, a letter sorter who had been suspended several times, held the supervisor hostage for another two hours before surrendering to authorities.


AUG. 20: Patrick Henry Sherrill, a part-time carrier in Edmond, Okla., killed 14 people in the post office, then took his own life. He had a history of work problems and faced the possibility of being fired.


DEC. 14: Warren Murphy, a postal worker in New Orleans, shot and wounded three people and held his girlfriend hostage for almost 13 hours before surrendering.


AUG. 10: John Merlin Taylor, of Escondido, Calif., killed his wife, then went to the Orange Glenn post office, killed two co-workers, wounded another and then killed himself.


OCT. 10: Joseph Harris, a fired postal worker, killed a former supervisor and her boyfriend at their home in Wayne, N.J., then went to the Ridgewood post office, where he killed two mail handlers as they arrived for work. He surrendered after a four-hour standoff.

NOV. 14: Thomas Mcllvane, a fired postal worker, opened fire at the Royal Oak, Mich., post office, killing four supervisors and wounding five employees. Mcllvane then killed himself.


MAY 6: Three people shot, one fatally, at a post office garage in Dearborn, Mich. Postal worker Larry Jasion then shot himself.

MAY 6: Mark Richard Hilbun is accused of stabbing his mother to death, then killing a letter carrier and wounding a clerk at the Dana Point post office near Los Angeles. He was fired as a letter carrier last year for stalking a female co-worker.

Source: Associated Press