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Fluorescents could cause humming

(ran HP HH HS editions)

Dear Heloise: I work at a telephone installation and repair service. Many times we sell headsets with our phone systems. Some customers complain that the sets make a humming noise.

A lot of times this sound is caused by fluorescent lighting, so if you are experiencing this problem turn off the lighting and see if the humming stops.

It would also be wise to try this before purchasing the headsets since turning off the lighting may not be possible in some situations.

Radio call letters

Dear Heloise: You printed a traveler's frustration about radio searching on the road. There are books available that have all of the radio call letters. We're addicted to a radio program, and the book allows us to follow our favorite program wherever we are. Television stations are listed as well.

Plastic bag use

Other uses for self-closing plastic bags:

Organize nylons by color.

Keep tea bags in one after opening the original box.

Store children's miscellaneous crayons and map pencils in one.

Store coffee-maker filters in one; keeps them dust-free.

Use for perfumes and other items that may leak while traveling.

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