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Here is what to bring

Here are the documents you'll need when you apply for a mortgage. Having all your paperwork in hand and in order can speed up the process, lenders say.

Last two years' W-2 forms.

Pay stubs for a month.

Names and addresses of employers for the last two years.

Bank statements for the last three months.

Names, addresses, account numbers and balances of all savings and checking accounts.

Twelve months' canceled checks for rent/mortgage payments.

Account numbers, payment amount and balances for all charge cards and installment loans.

Social Security numbers.

Dates of birth.

Mailing addresses for the last two years.

Sales contract.

Plans and specifications for construction loan, if applicable.

Deed, if you own the lot.

Current leases, if you own rental property.

Application fee.

If self-employed, last two years' tax returns and all schedules.

If self-employed, current financial statement for business.

VA only: certificate of eligibility.

Business card of your real estate agent or builder.

Application fee.