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Injured girl's family thanks all who helped


We would like to take this time to thank all of the people for their prayers and concern for our daughter Brandi since she was in the accident May 28. We didn't want to wait until Brandi was recovered before we did this. We wanted people to know that we really appreciate all they have done for us.

We appreciate the boy who knew to turn Brandi's head at the accident, the paramedics who had the knowledge to help her, the doctors and nurses at the hospital for their concern for Brandi and for us. They kept us informed and explained everything to us so that we could understand what was going on with our child. They answered our questions. They kept tabs on her even while she was at Shands Hospital. We also appreciate the teachers and students who took time to send banners and cards, etc., so Brandi would feel loved when she woke up.

We'd also like to say thank you to our friends, family and others who have contributed money and time to help defray our costs while traveling to and from Gainesville. My sister, Donna Lyvers, made a schedule for family and friends to stay with my wife so she was never alone.

It is so amazing to us because Citrus County has grown so much and it seems so big we didn't know that people would come out of the woodwork to help encourage us with their prayers and concern for our family.

Brandi is on the road to recovery now. We know it's going to take quite a while for us to get "our Brandi" back. But with everyone's prayers and God's help we know one day we will have her back again.

Johnny, Sharon and Michael Eicchorn

Lori, Wayne and Zackery Thomas

Perverts belong in jail

Editor: In reference to staff writer Jim Ross' article in the Citrus Times on June 9, "Similar cases get dissimilar sentences":

I get the distinct impression from his article that he thinks accused perverts should not be jailed.

With the number of sexual abuse and other perversion cases being reported in Florida, the judicial system must stop pampering these alleged perverts. Put their butts behind bars!

Leo R. Hadley, Homosassa