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Teen boasted about killing elderly woman, report says

A teenager accused of beating an elderly women with his cassette player boasted to skeptical friends and took two of them to see her spray-painted body, according to police documents.

Hours after Victor Brancaccio allegedly killed Mollie Mae Frazier, the 16-year-old returned to check the body, according to a search warrant.

The high school dropout told a friend that Mrs. Frazier appeared to be breathing when he checked her, according to the document made public Friday. Police on Saturday could not confirm her age, which was given as 78 and 81 in different documents.

Brancaccio's attorney Juan Torres says rap music and an anti-depressant drug called Zoloft made his client go berserk and kill the woman.

Giacomo "Jack" Zacheo, who knew Brancaccio from working at a pizza shop, said Brancaccio came into the restaurant June 12 and told him he had killed a woman.

Zacheo told Detective Scott Beck that Brancaccio said he had sprayed the woman's body with red paint to cover up any fingerprints. Brancaccio told him he had grabbed the woman in a headlock and dragged her into a field because he was afraid she would call police and get him in trouble, the report said.

Mrs. Frazier allegedly confronted Brancaccio because he was singing offensive lyrics by the rapper Dr. Dre as he listened to a cassette player.

The day after the beating, Brancaccio took Zacheo and Zacheo's 17-year-old girlfriend, Lynette Winchester, to a vacant lot near Brancaccio's home to see the body because they didn't believe him, police reports show.

Brancaccio reportedly wanted help to move the body or to conceal evidence.

Winchester and Zacheo told police they didn't report the crime because they were afraid of Brancaccio and his family. Officials said the two do not face charges.

A brother of one of the teens went to police.

Brancaccio is being held in a juvenile detention center and is expected to be charged as an adult with first-degree murder.