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"Bush for the Bushman' author will talk about Africa

John Perrott, author of Bush for the Bushman, will discuss his years in Africa at 2 p.m. June 30 in the Main Library Auditorium, 3745 Ninth Ave. N, St. Petersburg.

During Perrott's 16 years in Africa, he became interested in the plight of the nearly extinct Bushmen.

Because of the dwindling amounts of African bushland, these nomadic tribes, featured in the film The Gods Must Be Crazy are running out of the necessary land and resources to support their hunter-gatherer culture.

Ninety percent of the profits from Perrott's book will be contributed to organizations actively supporting the San culture.

Dino mania

The release of Steven Spielberg's adaptation of Michael Crichton's book Jurassic Park has sparked even more interest than usual about the huge animals that roamed the land more than 65-million years ago.

The Main Library, 3745 Ninth Ave. N, will show the PBS series The Dinosaurs at 2 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium beginning July 1, with the showing of The Monsters Emerge.

When the first dinosaur tooth was discovered in England in 1820, the world's fascination began. Soon American scientists were finding bigger specimens, and the first dinosaur egg was discovered in the Gobi Desert.

Flesh on the Bones will be shown July 8. In the filmscientists show how computer comparisons with modern animals reveal many answers to age-old dinosaur mysteries.

On July 15, The Nature of the Beast will show scientists puzzling over the origin of dinosaurs and their domination of the earth for more than 140-million years before their extinction.

Of course, the biggest mystery of all is how the dinosaur became extinct, a topic which will be explored July 22 in Death of the Dinosaur.

The Complete T. Rex by John R. Horner and Don Lessem (Simon & Schuster 1993) is a study based on the discovery of two nearly complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons in 1990. Horner's discovery will change many misconceptions about this large and powerful animal.

The Dinosaur Question and Answer Book (Greey de Pencier Books 1992) is the result of a reader poll conducted by Owl and Chickadee, two popular children's magazines. Readers were encouraged to send in one question they wanted answered about dinosaurs. The most popular ones were answered here by scientists from the Dinosaur Project, a joint scientific venture between Canada and China. If you want to know what color dinosaurs were or which dinosaur would make the best pet, this is the book for you.

MacMillan Children's Guide to Dinosaurs by Philip Whitfield (Macmillan 1992) describes the prehistoric animals that lived in different parts of the world during geological periods from the Triassic through the Cretaceous. He describes changes in climate and plant life, and the illustrations show the animals of the period as well as changing configurations in the continents.