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Calif. man calls Clinton his half-brother

Henry Ritzenthaler loves junk food and has blue eyes with bags but says he never thought much about politics _ until his mother told him President Clinton was his half-brother.

Ritzenthaler, 55, of Paradise, said he was told the news last June. His mother, Adele Coffelt, said she was married at age 17 to William Blythe, the president's father.

When the couple divorced after only a few months, neither knew she was pregnant, said Ritzenthaler's daughter, Virginia Gana, 32, of Sheridan, Ark.

Ritzenthaler was born in Texas in 1938. A few years later, his mother remarried and he was adopted. Blythe married Virginia Cassidy and their son, William J. Blythe IV, was born Aug. 19, 1946.

Blythe was killed in a car crash before their son was born. When the boy was 7, his mother married Roger Clinton, and Bill took the name Clinton.

It wasn't until Clinton was running for president that Coffelt learned Blythe also had been Clinton's father.

The White House has refused comment on the claims. Clinton's mother, Virginia Kelley, said she was unaware that Blythe had fathered any other children.

Ritzenthaler, who never graduated from high school, had a janitorial business before a heart condition forced him to retire.

He said he wrote Clinton in July 1992 but received no reply.

He's a registered Republican but said he voted for Clinton.

He also tends to run late, Gana said. "I'm always teasing him we're on Clinton time," she said.