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Residents try to help themselves; county doesn't care

Editor: After reading the article about the Last Relic in Moon Lake, I felt a real urge to write. I agree that it will be a great loss if the lodge is razed. I also think it is a great loss to have this area notorious for dirt roads and old mobile homes. This reputation is not due to lack of effort on the part of residents here to change conditions. It is due to the lack of concern or caring on the part of our county commissioners, who refuse to help the residents here who are trying to improve our neighborhoods and our dusty roads.

When we first moved to Moon Lake, we tried to get a right of way next to our house cleared of abandoned tires, bikes, appliances _ you name it. No matter what county office we called, "it was somebody else's department." We were finally told it was a public right of way and the county was not responsible for the dumping! We cleaned it up and hauled 20 pickup loads to the landfill ourselves.

Believe me, we don't like living on dusty roads! And the county spends our tax dollars to make them worse. Case in point: Two separate petitions for the paving of the road we live on have been filed with the county. Both have failed because the majority of property owners live out of state and do not return their voting cards. Our road has 44 lots, 36 owners and 20 or more are out-of-state owners. Of these out-of-state owners, 18 of them did not bother to vote, never sent their reply back, which was stamped and to be sent back to the engineer's office. These owners didn't even have to spend the 29 cents postage, just check yes or no and sign. These no answers are considered "no" votes. Only "yes" votes need signatures, while "no" votes are just anybody who does not sign a "yes" vote. If signatures are needed for "yes," then why aren't they needed to be counted as a "no?" The commissioners do not mind spending our tax dollars to print and mail ballots to people all over the country time and again, nor do they mind spending our tax dollars to buy more lime rock and to pay the county road crews and heavy equipment to come out and spread it on our road and create more dust. For what the county has spent redusting the roads out here in the past few years, it could have paved them and probably saved money.

The School Board donated its 7 acres or 8 acres on our road to Parks and Recreation. We have been told it is planning to turn it into a ball park. When will this happen?

When residents are willing to pay for and make improvements, county commissioners should not just ignore us. They could change a few outdated rules that would help their local residents help themselves, but only if they cared about Pasco County residents.

John Huber

New Port Richey

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