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Aliens needn't buy new cards

Could you get some information on immigration law?

I was told to get a new green card because mine does not have my fingerprint on it. Now they tell me I don't need one.

This is very confusing. Can you find out the truth?

E. F.

Response: According to news reports, the Immigration and Naturalization Service did issue a rule last year ordering more than a million resident aliens holding green cards issued before 1978 to get new ones by August 1993.

The new rule was not well publicized, however, and not all resident aliens were getting the word. Besides, immigration lawyers said it was an unfair and expensive burden to put on immigrants (the cards cost $70).

So the immigration people canceled the rule. Now resident aliens do not need to get new green cards.

Check grocery receipts

for phantom charges

Please advise your readers to double-check their cash register receipts at all supermarkets.

I recently bought $125 worth of groceries at Publix in Bardmoor Village. Later I found two items on my receipt marked "Test Scale Item" for $6.45 and $6.42.

The office manager gave me a refund but I never got an explanation.

At other stores I have found items added to my grocery list that I did not buy or items that have been mispriced. One time I bought a package of asparagus for $1.21 and noticed a similar-size package marked $12.25.

Ever since that television program about supermarket cash registers printing higher prices on items than are marked on the shelves I have been more watchful.

Dorothy Lindquist

Response: Jennifer Bush, Publix assistant director of public relations, tells us that the store manager investigated your complaint and found that Publix has some meat items with similar labels.

"These incorrect codes would produce the description "test scale item' on the receipt, but this would not affect the value of the product or the price," Ms. Bush said. "Although scanning these labels would not create an overcharge, we truly regret the confusion which was caused," she said.

She added that these codes are normally used for state inspectors during product weight inspections.

We thought the mystery had been solved until you wrote to say that all your purchases that day were accounted for on the sales slip and there were no other meat purchases made.

Of course even honest mistakes can cost us money. So thanks for the warning.

Starkey, Ulmerton road

repairs still on schedule

Why is it taking so long to complete the repairs at Ulmerton and Starkey and Ulmerton and Belcher roads?

The repairs have been going on for a year and there are days and days when nobody is working on the improvements.

Jerry Wallis

Response: Pinellas County Highway Division Senior Engineer Lloyd Thomas said that only Starkey and Ulmerton are left to be finished. The contractor, who has also been working on other projects, has until Oct. 27 to complete this job, Thomas said.

Two-tone steel door

often leaks when it rains

About three years ago we had Sears install two steel front doors at our house. We paid extra to get factory-painted chocolate brown doors.

Some guy came in a truck and proceeded to tear out the old wooden doors and install the door jamb, which was not like the model shown by the salesman. I protested but he paid no attention.

We were left with a crummy job. When it rained we had to use towels to stop the leaking. The inside of the doors was never finished properly.

Several times we have tried to get in touch with the salesman but he was never in. And what with illnesses and visiting grandchildren, two years passed. Then one day when passing through a Sears store we told our story to a nice woman in the home repair section. She gave us an 800 number to call.

This call resulted in a contractor coming out and repainting our doors not once, but twice. Now our doors are two shades of brown.

I can take care of the inside of the doors but someone should paint the outside chocolate _ and this time we would like one flavor!

John Stuart

Response: Sears tells us you will get your wish along with some caulking and filling.

Part of the problem, we're told, is that the salesman you kept trying to call left the company. You have since been given a number for the Sears warranty office.

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