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Brothers fight; one is stabbed

An argument between brothers turned violent over the weekend, and a 25-year-old Masaryktown man was charged with stabbing his older brother in the stomach.

Gregory Scott Messer of 432 Korbus Road was arrested on a charge of aggravated battery after a fight with Jeff Messer, 30, of 23001 Tankersley Road, northeast of Brooksville.

Jeff Messer was in guarded condition Monday at Brooksville Regional Hospital.

It was unclear what started the fight.

The two had been drinking with the Jeff Messer's girlfriend, a Hernando County sheriff's report said.

As the trio drove home to Jeff Messer's house, the brothers argued with each other and angry words turned to blows once they arrived, the report said.

According to Gregory Messer, he had walked inside to retrieve some clothes from the home. Jeff Messer, who apparently was drunk, followed his brother inside and pushed him, the report said.

During the ensuing fight, Gregory Messer bit his brother on the lip. Jeff Messer responded by grabbing Gregory and punching his head repeatedly, the report said.

Finally, Gregory Messer pulled a pocket knife from his pocket and stabbed his brother, the report said. Jeff Messer suffered five wounds to the stomach.

Gregory Messer was arrested at 11:11 p.m. Sunday. He was released from Hernando County Jail on his own recognizance Monday.