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Fire at UT was accident

Fire investigators said Monday that they have concluded that a three-alarm fire that caused $200,000 in damages to McKay Auditorium at the University of Tampa on June 11 was accidentally caused by a roofing crew that had been making repairs to a cupola topping the building several hours before the fire broke out, said Mike Salario, supervisor of investigations for the Tampa Fire Department. Investigators are still trying to figure out whether the fire was caused by materials used in repairing the cupola or by an employee who unintentionally ignited the blaze, Salario said. The university estimates that between the flames and the water firefighters used to bring it under control, repairing damage to the cupola, roof, ceiling and interior of the 67-year-old building will cost $200,000.

Questions remain about fire

TAMPA _ An arson investigation continues into a firebombing of a State Farm Insurance Co. building that processes fire, home and auto insurance claims. Someone broke a back window of the building on 225 W Busch Blvd. about 1:25 a.m. Monday and threw a Molotov cocktail into the lunch room, police and fire reports said. No one was injured, fire spokesman Bruce Savage said. The fire caused $2,500 damage. State Farm officials have no idea who would have wanted to set the building on fire. "You always get people that are upset, but nothing to the extent that threats were made against us," State Farm public relations specialist Jay Ravede said. Jack Reed, State Farm office supervisor, said he did not know of any disgruntled employees or customers.

Man shot in back twice

TAMPA _ A Tampa man is in fair condition at Tampa General Hospital after being shot twice in the back early Monday. Marty Woodward, 39, was standing outside the Palace Bar at 10325 N Nebraska Ave. when a man came up to him and said, "I am going to kill you," according to a Tampa Police Department report. Woodworth turned to walk away when he was shot twice in the back. No arrests have been made, police spokesman Scott Guffey said.

Woman, 28, reports rape

TAMPA _ A 28-year-old Tampa woman was raped and forced to drive to Marion County by a male acquaintance, who was later arrested, Hillsborough sheriff's officials said. The woman told authorities that over the weekend she got a call from a male friend who asked to meet her after work, said sheriff's Sgt. S.

K. Nelson. She picked him up, and the two drove through north Tampa. At one point, they stopped, and the man reached over to hug the woman and pulled a knife on her, Nelson said. He forced her out of the car and into woods near Morris Bridge Road, where he raped her, Nelson said. He then made her drive to Marion County. They stopped at a Texaco station, and he let the woman out and drove off, Nelson said. The woman called authorities, and as she was giving her report, the man returned and turned himself in, Nelson said. Marion County authorities arrested Edward Lewis, 34, who has no known address, and charged him with sexual battery, Nelson said.

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