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Gator jaw matches boy's wounds

Wounds on the body of a 10-year-old boy matched the jaw of an alligator captured and killed hours after the fatal attack, a wildlife official said Monday.

Medical examiners "compared the wounds and they matched up perfectly," said Lt. Jim Huffstodt of the state Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission.

Bradley Weidenhamer was killed by the 11-foot-4-inch alligator Saturday as he waded in the Loxahatchee River at Jonathan Dickinson State Park.

Gary Weidenhamer wrestled his son from the jaws of the alligator as park visitors beat the animal with canoe paddles.

Bradley was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Commission officers called gator hunter Mike Rafferty, who captured and killed the gator, which weighed 350 to 400 pounds and had a jaw 6 inches wide by 11{ inches long.