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Medic: Officer brutally beat Detroit motorist

A police officer accused of fatally beating a man kept bashing the man's head with a flashlight after blood had pooled on the street and after his sergeant told him, " "Take it easy, Larry,' " a medic testified Monday.

When Officer Larry Nevers was done swinging, part of Malice Green's scalp had been torn from his skull, said Albino Martinez, a member of the ambulance crew, as testimony began in the trial of Nevers and two other officers.

Green was squirming as he was hit but didn't fight or attack Nevers, Martinez said.

An autopsy indicated the motorist died after being hit at least 14 times in the head.

Nevers, 52, and his former partner, Walter Budzyn, 47, are charged with second-degree murder in the Nov. 5 beating outside a suspected crack house. If convicted, they could get life in prison.

Former Officer Robert Lessnau is charged with assault with intent to do great bodily harm, which can bring a 10-year sentence.

Green, 35, was black; the three officers, who were all fired over the beating, are white. No testimony in earlier hearings on the case has pointed to race as a motive in the beating, though it has touched off demonstrations in the city.