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Panel to study Alligator Lake boats

The question of whether to impose boating restrictions on Alligator Lake will go to a new task force of city residents.

City commissioners voted Monday to create the task force to grapple with the issue of how best to manage activity on the lake.

Some nearby residents have complained about noise and possible environmental problems from boating on the lake, but others say the problems are overstated.

In other business, residents of Valencia Circle asked the city to clean up a pond that they said has become an eyesore.

The Alligator Lake task force will include representatives of each viewpoint.

The task force will elect its own leader and set up its own schedule for studying the issue, and reporting back to the City Commission.

Members of that task force won't be the only city residents studying Safety Harbor waterways.

Commissioners, meeting in a work session before the formal meeting Monday, discussed creating an environmental advisory committee.

The committee would advise the commission on environmental matters such as water quality in Tampa Bay, recycling and other issues.

The committee also would try to increase local educational efforts on those and other environmental subjects.

People interested in serving on the board can call City Hall at 726-0780 for an application.

Several residents of Valencia Circle asked the city to find a way to maintain a retention pond that they said has become a haven for snakes, bullfrogs and unsightly weeds.

City officials said they are suing the owners of a company that had promised to keep the pond clean.

They urged the neighborhood to consider taking on the job of maintenance.