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"Sleeping Beauty' to awaken

Blackwood Studios of Dade City will present its 28th annual dance recital at 7 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Pasco Comprehensive High School Activities Center in Dade City.

Sleeping Beauty will be performed by more than 600 local dancers and by 36 soloists. Soloists on Thursday night are Amara Monbarren, Whitney Ward, Lindsay Johnson, Jessica Schaper, Becky Slover, Leslie Prowant, Amber Roberts, Jeanine DeBlase, Cathy Griepenburg, Becky Lane, Carlett English, Kenny Beaumont and Alicia Polk.

Friday soloists are Marisa Cefalo-Cox, Kristen Benedini, Krystal Harris, Elicia Cefalo-Cox, Lindsey Smith, Alicia Storer, Jennifer McHugh, Christina Fatzinger, Kim Wuellner, Elisia Rickard, Careena Cornette, Wayne Friedman and Bryn Bucholz.

Saturday soloists are Autumn Yanchunis, Katie Hill, Sarah Blessing, Jessica Doyle, Carla Herrmann, Shawna Smith, Heather Locke, Wendy Ellsworth, Mandi Harris, Lucy Hill, Daneen Johnson, Kenny Beaumont and Susan Griepenburg.

Tickets are $5 and will be available at the door. Call (904) 567-5919.

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