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Tampa dentist charged with bigamy

Bigamy charges have been filed against a Tampa dentist already accused of kidnapping and shooting his wife six weeks ago.

Dr. Charles A. Myers has been held without bail since May 12, a day after Tampa police say he lured his wife Evelyne Davis-Myers into his BMW, shot her three times, pushed her from the car and left her paralyzed by the roadside.

The bigamy charges were filed Monday in Hillsborough County, on top of attempted murder and armed kidnapping charges.

It was a civil lawsuit filed by Davis-Myers on May 10, alleging that Charles Myers is a bigamist, which prompted the philanthropic community leader to violence, said Hillsborough Assistant State Attorney Julia Best Chase on Monday.

"It's my belief that when the victim filed for an annulment, that angered the defendant, causing him to be violent with her. I believe it's related," Chase said.

In a statement to Tampa police on the day of the attack, Evelyne Davis-Myers said her husband drove to the front of the elementary school where she works as a librarian. He beckoned her into the car and once she was inside, screamed at her about the legal problems that her lawsuit would cause.

Today, Myers, 49, will ask that a judge set bail or release him from Hillsborough County Jail on his own recognizance. His attorney, Arnold Levine, has said Myers is a lifelong resident of Tampa and is not a threat to anyone.

Chase said she will argue that Myers has proven that he can be violent toward women he is involved with, citing an April 1992 case in which Myers rammed a girlfriend's car when he saw her with another man. He was placed in pretrial intervention, a program similar to probation but which leaves the defendant's record free of a conviction.

"I fear for the victims in both cases," Chase said. "I would clearly see that this attack against Evelyne (Davis-Myers) was not an isolated incident in the way he dealt with his personal life."

Evelyne Davis-Myers is paralyzed below the waist and remains in St. Joseph's Hospital. She has objected to granting bail for her estranged husband, saying he does not deserve to walk free if she will never walk again.

Court records from Pinellas, Hillsborough and Polk counties show that Myers lived a multilayered life, involving an ex-wife, two wives and a home for each of them, all in his name.

Investigators believe they can prove that Charles Myers was married to Jacqueline Myles Myers, who lives at 5807 Idle Forest Place, when he wed Evelyne Davis Lamar on March 5.

The most recent marriage broke up quickly, perhaps because Dr. Myers spent most of his time at the home on Idle Place instead of his new home in Temple Terrace, according to a statement Jacqueline M. Myers gave police within hours of the shooting.

In her pending civil lawsuit, Evelyne Davis-Myers said Charles Myers lied about his first marriage to a woman named Joanne S. Myers, of Town 'N Country, claiming that the marriage ended in August of 1992. In fact, that marriage ended in 1977. The more recent date was intended to cover up his intervening marriage to Jacqueline Myles, the lawsuit alleges.