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Woman charged in forged will case

A 41-year-old Tarpon Springs woman is the fourth person charged in an alleged two-year conspiracy to falsify a man's will and steal his $350,000 estate.

Kathleen Ergos of Connecticut Road turned herself in on a warrant Monday morning. She admitted to signing the fake will in July 1991 as a witness to the signature of John Apocotos, though she did not see the 86-year-old man sign it, according to arrest reports. Detectives say Apocotos' signature was forged.

Detective Scott Gattuso, who arrested Ergos, wrote that she also said she lied about the will's authenticity in a 1991 deposition. Apocotos' nephew in New Jersey is contesting the will in a Pinellas County court.

Apocotos died of an apparent heart attack two days after the will was dated. No autopsy was performed, but prosecutors said last week they now are considering exhuming Apocotos' body to check for foul play.

Ergos is accused of acting as an accessory to the grand theft conspiracy. She was released Monday on her own recognizance.

Pasco County detectives arrested three other people in the case last week.

Georgios "George" D. Likomitros, 38, of Palm Harbor, was charged with grand theft and conspiracy to commit grand theft. He was held Monday in the Pasco County jail in Land O'Lakes in lieu of $150,000 bail. Authorities say he coerced his then-wife Christina Likomitros, 24, to notarize the will and threatened her for two years to keep quiet. She was charged Friday with notarizing a fake document and was released on her own recognizance.

George Prasinos, 31, of Tarpon Springs, was charged with conspiracy to commit grand theft and grand theft. He was held Monday in the Pasco County jail in lieu of $100,000 bail.

Pasco County detectives, who are investigating the case because Christina Likomitros said she notarized the will at her home in Holiday, are still searching for two men. They are listed in arrest documents and civil court records as:

Andreas Antonis "Andy" Zoanas, 33, the former owner of Mr. Souvlaki restaurant in Tarpon Springs. He is listed as the beneficiary of what detectives say was the forged will.

Panteleimon "Pete" Kavouklis, age unavailable, of Tarpon Springs.