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HD: Pat Nixon

THE NIXONS' 50th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY, 1990: Former President Nixon and his wife, Pat, pose for pictures at their New Jersey home on June 21, 1990. Mrs. Nixon, the poised, gracious, oft-called "perfect political wife," died of lung cancer Tuesday, a day after their 53rd anniversary.

LOSING CAMPAIGN, 1960: Nixon campaigned hard for the presidency in 1960, left, but lost to John F. Kennedy. Mrs. Nixon admitted it took great effort to return to public life six years later for another campaign. But she once again immersed herself in politics, and with her help, Nixon became president.

END OF A POLITICAL CAREER, 1974: Mrs. Nixon stood by her husband during his resignation and farewell to the White House staff, above. "The truth sustains me," she once said, "because I have great faith in my husband."

FIRST LADIES, 1990: One of Mrs. Nixon's last public appearances was in Yorba Linda, Calif., for the dedication of the Richard Nixon Library. Mrs. Nixon, second from right, is pictured with Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush and Betty Ford. Mrs. Nixon will be buried on the library grounds.

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