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Gangs are implicated in auto smashing

Two teenagers were arrested Monday after police say they attacked a man's car in a gang-related incident, authorities said.

Police spokeswoman Terri Hubble said the trouble started shortly after 3:30 p.m. Monday when Bryan Elder, 19, of 249 43rd Ave. NE, and a 16-year-old became involved in an argument in front of the 16-year-old's home.

The 16-year-old went inside and returned with a bottle that he threw at Elder, who was sitting in a black two-door 1987 Ford Escort with four other teens, who police said belong to the OGs gang. The bottle broke a window, Hubble said.

About the same time, the boys in the car saw five other teens, identified by police as members of the Lynch Mob gang, approach the car carrying baseball bats, Hubble said.

The five occupants of the car ran. Then the teens wielding the baseball bats broke out the windows and dented the car's body, Hubble said.

Police arrived and arrested the 16-year-old on charges of felony criminal mischief and throwing a deadly missile, Hubble said. He was charged as an adult and held in the Pinellas County Jail.

Late Monday evening, police arrested a 15-year-old boy and charged him with criminal mischief in the attack on the car.

Hubble said police still were investigating the incident.