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Sheriff's detractors need to get facts straight

Editor: Regarding the June 17 letters to the editor, please allow me to make a few observations concerning the critical remarks against our sheriff.

One Spring Hill resident suggested that instead of granting the sheriff's budget request, the agency should streamline, in other words, remove, one major and several captains and lieutenants. This, he claims, will allow the addition of at least seven deputies.

My observation is that more deputies and fewer supervisors is not a formula for the successful operation of a law enforcement agency. There are certain considerations that this gentleman did not figure in. Take vicarious liability, negligible span of control and improper supervision to just name a few. This individual's plan has absolutely no merit.

Another Spring Hill resident offered pragmatic and dogmatic remarks, stating that traffic enforcement in this county is non-existent. While I agree that speeders should be dealt with, it concerns me that Mr. Dogmatic feels this should be a priority over something less important, such as catching burglars, drug dealers, armed robbers, etc.

Yes, patrol deputies actually capture dangerous criminals. Wouldn't it be nice if that deputy caught a burglar breaking into your home instead of his being busy writing speeding tickets on Mariner Boulevard? My observation: Let's protect the public.

Finally, and this is my favorite,a Spring Hill resident writes that the sheriff is a "big-city spender" and that such spending is not necessary because this community has a very low crime rate. Well, I wonder why we have such a low crime rate _ isn't it possible that the sheriff is doing an outstanding job? Could it be that he is becoming properly staffed and therefore able to provide better proactive policing?

This man of wisdom then goes on to tell us that deputies are "bored to death" and "drive around in circles." My suggestion to you, sir: Ask if you can ride along with a deputies supervisor for one shift in Spring Hill, then tell the readers how bored they are. He then suggests that maybe some deputies should be laid off. I wonder if he would then complain when it takes an hour for a deputy to respond to his problem because of understaffing.

Finally, this individual needs to bone up on his political science: Although she is an exemplary woman, the sheriff in no way, shape or form, ultimately or non-ultimately, works for Janet Reno.

My observation: Sheriff Mylander, you are doing an outstanding job!

R. J. Sullivan


Is Mosca's support paid for by campaign cash?

Editor: I have heard that county Commissioner Tony Mosca Jr. has been sounding off about legitimate civic groups' being active in the county. The Good Government League, for example.

It has been reported that Mosca reaped rather large campaign contributions last year from various business people in the county.

Tony, we as voting citizens feel that we should not have to bribe our local public officials to get them to represent us as citizens of Hernando County.

As for certain people you obviously tried to peg as acting out of line at the impact fee hearing last month, I was there and I felt you were the only person who acted improperly.

At the first public hearing on the mining ordinance last week, you again tried to put these people in a bad light.

I must point out that it looks like you are trying to defame honest, interested citizens so that you can favor your campaigning contributors. Otherwise, I can't figure out what these overly large campaign contributions were for.

Ralph DeHart