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Dreams for the Dome

"I want Christo to come and wrap up that entire Dome in pink. And then all senior citizens should form a tissue paper and comb band and march around that thing humming Fascinating Rhythm. It would be wonderful."

_ One of more than 100 callers


Readers, thanks for all the proposals on what and who the city should bring to the Florida Suncoast Dome and the Bayfront Center. See you in the ticket line!

The world's largest bingo game

Deborah Kenly

Tina Turner, Sumo wrestling, a Japanese festival and more cultural events

Lorraine Compton

Camelot, Pirates of Penzance, Billy Ray Cyrus and wrestling

Dorothy Puzycki

Patti LaBelle, jazz festivals, gospel concerts and other multicultural events.

Samuel Smith

Jimmy Buffett

Joe Aguera and several others

Peter Gabriel

Karen Stroup

John Denver, Neil Diamond, Gatlin Brothers, Alabama

Jane Van Tassell

Duran Duran, Kenny G

Pamela Gispert

Aerosmith, Guns N' Roses, Rod Stewart, baseball

Claude Simpson

Boston Pops, jazz, Leon Redbone, Big Band sounds

Norma Romey

Arts and crafts shows, David Copperfield and musicals like Fiddler on the Roof.

Carol Kosinski


Nancy Postman and a few others

The Billy Graham crusade

Mary Ann Cold

A flea market once a month

Anne Dubois

More country like Garth Brooks

Vicki Dillon (several other requests for country)

Pink Floyd, Billy Joel, Peter Gabriel

Felix Perez

Drum Corps competition, Suncoast Sound, high school bands and local talent

Mary Ann Wilcox

Tampa Bay Lightning hockey in Suncoast Dome

Brett Steele, Chris Wiand

Dog shows at Bayfront Center

Doris Reiman

Turn the Dome into a roller-skating rink for the kids

Kathleen E. Patterson

World Wrestling Federation

Carolyn Hope

Barney the Dinosaur

Marielle Machacek

Reba McIntyre and Bette Midler

Mary Starrett

Michael Jackson

Tracy Bowser

Public ice skating

Cheryl Hollingworth, William Check

Another dog show

Karen Free

Roger Whittaker

Carol Hoffman

Concerts like Freddy Jackson, Barry White

William McLean

Poison, Van Halen

Diana Thompson

Jerry Seinfeld

Mrs. Schuster

Big concerts like Gloria Estefan

Anita Cutting

A Steely Dan reunion tour, Becker and Fagen

Mr. Lynch

Musical shows like Extreme, Joe Satriani and Black Crow

Suzette Myer

Benny Hinn evangelistic ministry from Orlando

Betty Keiser

Blues with all the old blues singers

Annie Campbell and others

Grateful Dead

Dr. Thomas Clark, Justin Kennedy, Kelly Adams and Steve White

Christian musicians

Helen Yates

Rock 'n' roll

Frances Reed

Deep Purple

William Collier

More bands, high school bands, anybody who wants to play music. Have them once a month.

Irving Walter

Ballroom music

Louise Stark

Simply Red

C.M. Holden

Silk and R&B groups

Robia Brown

Elton John

Ralph Arnold

Whitney Houston

Caroline Cziesla

Luciano Pavarotti

Doris Lane

Beauty pageants, Olympic activities

Joanne Gajentan

Jamaican reggae

Sheryl Rainwater

Afternoon performances and matinees at Bayfront Center

John Chapman