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Glidewell's criticism of Port Richey unfair

Editor: Although my vocabulary and ability to use words, phrases and sentences will never be able to come close to Mr. Glidewell's, I am compelled to reply to his column of June 13. The majority of the people of Port Richey believe in fair play, and they have to feel "bashed" by his statements. Surely he has more interesting topics at his disposal than insulting Port Richey's citizens, charter and procedures.

Mr. Glidewell in all probability has never attended a Port Richey council meeting. I attend a great many, as many as I can. Recent meetings have taken a decided turn for the better with a free exchange of information and resulting decisions. The town meeting atmosphere continues and will enable voiced opinions from attendees.

No maybe about it, Glidewell is being unfair! Bob Gipson has come a long way. He continues to serve the city and all of its citizens in an exemplary manner. I am sure he will make himself available as future needs surface in Port Richey.

What a cheap shot Glidewell took at the charter and the Charter Review Commission! The charter was revised in accordance with the majority of the voters at the time. The city manager trial(s) had proven to be expensive and ineffective.

The Charter Review Commission was chaired by Larry Rohde, a man of high integrity, respect for the law and a wealth of appropriate experience. The group gave freely of its time and talents to revise the charter. Necessary and appropriate hearings and readings were held. Changes were made to better provide the city with an up-to-date document. The charter does indeed provide for its own revision! Larry Rohde was indeed a wise individual, realizing revisions of changes would be desirable or necessary as the city grows and time passes.

This is not at all the "red crayon" _ "tattered tide table" approach Glidewell seems to be familiar with.

Suggestion, Mr. Glidewell: Try looking at the doughnut instead of the hole.

Tom Kurtzer,

Port Richey

Letter on school prayer criticized

Editor: In rebuttal to the letter, "Editor's column ignores Constitution," June 17, it's obvious that the writer isn't aware of the fact that Jesus explicitly set forth his code of principles for the conduct of his religious practices long before our flimsy constitutional rights became a dispute between sides holding opposing views.

However, in answer to the questionable constitutional law that anyone has the right to pray in public schools, any attempt to Christianize public schools with no consideration for the feelings of those of another faith, or no faith, will create a time bomb of anger, hatred and rebellion toward these overly religious, uncompromising fanatics.

And in answer to "Faith in God is not a jacket that you take off at the door and put in the closet," Jesus found a better use for a closet when he admonished his followers, kindly but seriously, to enter into a closet all by yourself, including his reminder to shut the door behind you and pray to God in secret, who already knows your secrets and will reward you openly.

Also, the self-appointed Christian police force that seeks to exercise rigid and repressive control over pregnant women are wasting their time when they storm abortion clinics as if they know what's best for women, when women have dealt with this personal problem, independently and decisively, since day one. And only God knows how many fetuses were aborted during The Big Flood, right?

I'll never understand how they can call themselves Christians when they don't follow Christ's example. He prayed in private and remote places with his followers. And he never sought fame or recognition for his teachings or the miracles he performed. In other words, he minded his own business and severely criticized the "hypocrites who pray in public that they may be seen of men."

Margaret Reed,

New Port Richey

Accused men deserve apologies

Editor: This letter is in regard to an article written by Larry Dougherty on June 12 on Page 3 of the Pasco Times, entitled "Dispute Over Assets Settled and Charges Ended."

This stems back to March 1991, when Sheriff Jim Gillum's deputies entered the Polish Legion and closed down the bingo 20 minutes before bingo started. Amid insinuations, criminal charges were filed against Eugene J. Gromok and Mike Palak. These men have been crucified by members of the Polish Legion as well as an affiliate association on Darlington Road in Holiday. I believe all who have accused should be made to make a public apology, as well as to pay all lawyer and court costs to these two men. A few of us never felt any criminal activity had happened. But some of these two men's best friends turned on them. They all should be hanging their head in shame, as well as all officers of the Polish Legion who turned on these two. I know if it happened to me what direction I'd be going, and I don't think these people would be opening their mouths again.

I also would like to congratulate the families and friends who believed in these two men and stuck by them throughout this ordeal. I hope that the State Attorney's Office and Sheriff's Office are hanging their heads a little also.

I was a member of the Polish Legion until this happened, but withdrew after these two men were falsely accused.

Joseph Pennington,


Drivers need brains, manners

Editor: Barbara L. Fredricksen, editor of editorials, in her June 20 column gave a chilling account of her recent encounters with rude and careless drivers on U.S. 19.

Undoubtedly, some drivers are not mentally or physically fit to be driving on our highways. Some drive and react too slowly; others drive too fast and take unnecessary chances. Then, there is the hothead who thinks he or she is the only driver who should be on the road. You have seen them all; they are out there every day.

One does not have to be a Miss Manners or an Einstein to get a driver's license. However, wouldn't it be nice if everyone showed more courtesy and common sense when they climb behind the wheel? It could even give us the strange idea that we may have intelligent life on Planet Earth after all!

William A. Crutchfield,

New Port Richey

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