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Mrs. Tackett: "Thanks for support'

Editor's note: This letter is from the wife of Belleair police Officer Jeffery Tackett, who was fatally shot while on duty June 13.

Editor: This is an open letter to all who reached out to us in our time of need.

Thank you for your care, concern and support. The recent events have moved us all on many levels.

Day to day, we hear of the tragedies that touch the lives of people we will never know. Today we feel like we know all who have ever suffered a loss. We find comfort in the knowledge that Jeff has touched as many in his absence as he touched in his life. We know now that the loss is not ours alone but is shared by those of you who will keep him alive in your thoughts and prayers and, most of all, in your actions.

The amazing outpouring of love we have felt from friends and strangers alike has truly taken our breath away.

From this day forward, when we think of Jeff, there will be a new dimension added that will give us strength.

We will remember more than a fiercely loyal, dedicated, warm and giving man; more than a son, a brother, a husband, a friend.

We will remember children with their hands on their hearts.

We will remember the men and women who paid him tribute with their words and with their silence.

We will remember that because of your love, June 13, 1993, was the last day that Jeff Tackett would ever be alone.

We thank you with all that is in our hearts that we could never put into words.

Alice Tackett on behalf of

the Tackett family, Clearwater