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Rudeness takes over at graduation

On the evening of June 10, I attended the graduation of a family member. The ceremony was held on Stewart Field at St. Petersburg High School and the stands were filled with proud friends and families of the graduates.

An insert placed inside the program stated a code of conduct for the graduation ceremonies, requesting that certain rules of etiquette be observed. It seemed incredible that such instructions would be necessary at such an event. After all, to refrain from such behavior would be exercising common courtesy and consideration. Apparently it was necessary, but to no avail, for when the names of some of the graduates were called, the shrieking and screaming were deafening. This came not only from an individual graduate's little group of friends but also from a segment of the audience located in all sections of the stands, as if it were an admiration society.

I am sure that my family and I were not alone in feeling that this behavior was totally offensive and out of place. To compound this rudeness and lack of manners, about halfway through the presenting of the diplomas, people began leaving the stadium, filing out in droves while names of graduates were still being called, causing a tremendous amount of distraction and noise. This was not a rock concert, but the behavior was typical of such an event.

How sad to think that supposedly civilized people can be so insensitive and demonstrate such incivility to their fellow beings. I cannot believe that the majority of people condone this type of behavior. Why should we tolerate it without at least voicing our objections?

Mrs. J. A. Hill, St. Petersburg

First Avenue N is not

a good place to walk

First Avenue N in St. Petersburg between Beach Drive and Second Street is pedestrian hostile. The sooner this section is closed the better.

Traffic flow here is light but fast. It appears to be mostly through traffic that considers anything on foot a major nuisance.

If you don't believe me, talk to St. Petersburg Yacht Club members, Bayfront Towers residents, people who work along Beach Drive and anybody out for a stroll in South Straub Park.

Gerald Mahnken, St. Petersburg

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