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Charles Fleer, Republican

When was the last time you supported a Republican?

Fleer is a serious candidate. All my background information was provided to the Times on Jan. 3: Fleer, 57, published author, McGraw-Hill Publisher, Fleer's Series on Advanced and Emerging Technologies, Korean veteran, has more than 18 years in private sector and over 20 years in city, county, state and mostly federal government service. While in federal government service, Fleer was posted mostly in Washington, D.C., achieving a grade of GS-18 at the age of 39. Fleer has been a White House management troubleshooter.

No one has referred to Fleer as not being serious, capable, or responsible in carrying out his duties with honesty, integrity, loyalty, and patriotism.

The Times was given a White House number and a name to verify the above.

I am committed to the upgrading of social standards, making the neighborhoods safe by actively fighting crime, no new taxes, rebuild education for our children for today and tomorrow, develop new jobs by revitalization of business and industry in District 55. I will fight to re-establish, retain, and develop new business and industry in District 55 by establishing duty-free zone, enterprise zone, and international business corporations (IBCs). Fleer's legislative proposals include the international business corporations act for District 55 of Florida. Bradley and Irvin _ rhetorics, no plans, no proposed legislation.