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Grady Irvin, Independent

District 55 is one of the most diverse legislative districts on Florida's west coast. Its residents have varied social, ethnic, and economic backgrounds. However, the residents of District 55 all share a common concern for crime, deadbeat fathers, jobs programs over welfare, and high property taxes.

Through this campaign I have focused on the issues. I did not launch a personal attack on the integrity of my competitors. Why? Because that should not be the way that someone seeks to ascend to a position of public confidence. The Democratic runner-up did not endorse the eventual Democratic nominee; I personally feel that this is an indication the nominee has inflicted great pain into the community that he now seeks to represent.

In Tuesday's general election, a broad cross-section of supporters will go to the polls to cast their vote for Grady Irvin. These supporters will be white, black, Asian, Democrat, Republican, Independent, poor, rich, middle-income, physically disabled, etc. This is true because these are the same types of people who have volunteered and worked in our campaign.

I have received the endorsement of persons like the Rev. Lacy Harwell, the Rev. Henry J. Lyons, and former State Attorney James T. Russelleach of them realize that Grady Irvin has set aside party politics in order to truly represent the interests of homeowners and everyday people in District 55.