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Rolling attorney wants trial moved

The attorney for admitted serial killer Danny Harold Rolling filed a motion Friday asking that the penalty phase of Rolling's trial be moved out of Gainesville. Public Defender Rick Parker claimed extensive media coverage and community attitudes have tainted the pool of prospective jurors. A jury is being chosen to recommend whether Rolling should be given the death penalty or life in prison for the brutal slayings of five Gainesville college students in August 1990. Rolling pleaded guilty to five counts of first-degree murder and other charges in the deaths.

USAir flight makes emergency landing

ORLANDO _ A USAir flight from Miami to Charlotte made an emergency landing here Friday after the jet experienced pressurization problems over Central Florida, airline officials said. Flight 322 experienced the difficulty at about 33,000 feet, said airline spokesman Mike Clark. The aircraft "descended and the pressurization stabilized at about 25,000 feet," Clark said. "We had one passenger who apparently became faint and another complained of ear pain" during the difficulty, he said. The oxygen masks over passenger seats did not deploy as a result of the difficulty, he said. The plane had a normal landing at Orlando International Airport, said airport spokeswoman Carolyn Fennell. Paramedics were called to check seven or eight passengers.

No charges in killings of man's pursuers

PENSACOLA _ The killings of three former Maine men by a neighbor were justifiable homicide because the unarmed victims chased him into his house and he feared for his life, prosecutors said Friday. Two prosecutors who investigated the Feb. 5 shootings concluded the deaths were self-defense. No charges will be filed against David Ingraham, and the case will not go to a grand jury. Paul Watson, 19, and brothers Seth Richardson, 21, and Solomon Richardson, 19, lived two doors from Ingraham, and all three recently had moved to Pensacola from Cornish, Maine. Ingraham told police he heard a disturbance outside his house, went out and saw a man dragging a woman around and arguing. He said he told the man to release the woman and fired two shots from his .45-caliber semiautomatic handgun into the ground. The prosecutors said those shots were legal because Ingraham had a reasonable belief the woman was in danger. The victims and a fourth man, who was uninjured, chased Ingraham into his home, yelling, "You got a gun," Ingraham told investigators. He said he told them not to come in, but they backed him into his bedroom and then a closet before he fired 10 shots in quick succession.