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Sidewalks to sprout over next five years

More than $1-million worth of sidewalks will be built throughout Hernando County over the next five years.

The Spring Hill/Hernando County Metropolitan Planning Organization, made up of county commissioners and a Brooksville City Council member, has approved a list of projects. Federal transportation funds will pay for the projects.

Six of the top 10 projects are in Spring Hill. Three are in eastern Hernando County. One is in Brooksville.

The projects approved Thursday, in order of board preference:

Spring Hill Drive from Deltona Boulevard to Pinehurst Drive at Kass Circle.

Deltona from Elgin Boulevard to Delta Woods Park.

Cammie Street from State Road 50 to Roper Road.

Landover Boulevard from Mariner Boulevard to Elgin.

State Road 50 bypass from Cleveland Avenue to Summit Road.

Northcliffe Boulevard from U.S. 19 to Mariner.

Ridge Manor Boulevard from U.S. 301 to SR 50.

SR 50 from Kettering Road to Windmere Road.

Mariner from the YMCA to Spring Hill Shopping Center at County Line Road.

Loretto Street from Florentine Court to Deltona.

Construction is expected to begin during the federal budget year that start Oct. 1.

"The only reason a No. 3 project might go before a No. 2 might be over right of way acquisition, if that takes too long," said Dennis Dix of the county planning department.