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Teasers pledges to clean up its act

The bright blue bikini bottom wasn't the kind of exhibit usually introduced at a City Hall hearing.

But lawyer Luke Lirot told city officials Friday that it represented what female employees at Teasers would wear from now on if the city would let his clients reopen at 85 Corey Circle.

"As tenderly as possible," Lirot said, "I will tender to the clerk Exhibit Medium: a Speedo bathing suit bottom, commonly referred to as a three-quarter bottom."

St. Petersburg Beach police and licensing officials closed Teasers on Wednesday, less than 72 hours after it opened, because police said waitresses and dancers at the club were wearing bikinis too skimpy to conform to city ordinances.

Other citations were issued to employees and lounge owners for improper touching and fondling between customer and employees and for conducting adult-use activities without an adult-use license.

Monday and Tuesday, undercover police officers from St. Petersburg Beach posed as Teasers patrons to observe firsthand whether violations were taking place inside the lounge.

Although modifications were made after Monday's visit, they were not sufficient to bring Teasers into conformance with city regulations, police officials said.

By Friday, St. Petersburg Beach police had issued 13 citations to employees and owners of Teasers, with fines ranging from $30 to $130.

Lirot said that if Teasers is allowed to reopen, club owners Don Bryant and Britt Miller immediately will discontinue all contact between employees and customers, other than hand-to-hand tipping.

"We understand that employees dance with customers," said City Attorney Gerry Colen. "Will that continue?"

"If eradication of that activity will help, it will be stopped," Lirot responded. "And there will be no private dance area."

Licensing Director Chris Brimo said promises made by Teasers on Friday broke no new ground.

"They are restating what was discussed before this business even opened," Brimo said after the hearing. "Everything they are agreeing to do is what they said they would do before they opened this business."

Brimo said he asked Teasers owners in January whether they wanted to apply for an adult-use permit. According to Brimo, Teasers told him no.

St. Petersburg Beach officials are expected to decide by 5 p.m. Monday whether Teasers will be allowed to reopen.