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We get letters

Watch the mail, Reader Exchangers. We've passed on several offers of smocking help to Esther Fine, willing recipients of duplicate bridge trays to Suzanne Cooley, and Sweet Dreams patterns to Julia Newman. Plus, in a burst of energy, we've passed on many other answers and responses by mail this week. We read all your letters and do our best to put you all in touch with each other by mail when you write in with an offer of help or a response. Many of those letters and comments also turn up in the column.

Speaking of answers: Dolores Scott of St. Petersburg tells Walter Baschnagel of Largo that he should treat his sanded dough board with mineral oil. "Just put it on and let it work its way in. Use it liberally," she writes.

Marge Molendi of Largo passes on this tip for Gail L. Randle of Largo, who wondered how to repair chips and nail holes in her terrazzo floor. "I finally discovered a product at Builders Square called Tub and Tile Adhesive Caulk in bone/almond. It comes in a squeeze tube and a little dab in each nail hole, smoothed out with your finger, will disappear when dry and is washable. The terrazzo will look great. I also sealed the space between the floor and the quarter-round molding for a nice look."

Here's a unique offer. Robert Bryson of Spring Hill tells us that the bridge groups in his retirement community use extra funds to replace their playing cards frequently. "These are usually of high quality and in good condition. Are there any organizations in Hernando or Pasco counties that could make use of these _ free?"

Robert is also wondering where he can buy anniversary cards by the box.

Bring on the games

We've got a number of requests for games, so here goes: Janet Coit of Spring Hill wants Anagrams by Parker Brothers; Norma A. Cater of Palm Harbor is looking for Scribbage, by E.

S. Lowe; Marian Rupolo of Port Richey wants the Parker Brothers game called Pollyanna; Gwen Medeiros of Hudson is interested in the Milton Bradley game called Scruples (she has the 1968 edition and wants others); and Marion Foelgner of St. Petersburg wants a game called Skunk that her husband recalls playing 30+ years ago.

Susan Boettle of Palm Harbor wants a set of Omagles (the build-anything toy) by Century Products of Macedonia, Ohio.

Who can tell us how to get the yellow stains out of white plastic ice trays?

Mrs. Roy Anderson of St. Petersburg, a member of the Suncoast African Violet Society, wants to know where to find clips for display-table skirts.

L. S. McLaughlin of Gulfport wants to find men's short-rise slacks. Mrs. B. Ingram of Clearwater wants to know where to buy the Mr. Florida open-collar dress shirts that used to be sold at the Ray Allen store in Clearwater. She also sends out this caution to Janette Johnson, who suggested cleaning windows with Dow Foaming Cleaner. It has left hard-to-remove silver streaks on some of her painted surfaces.

Jenny Ninios of Clearwater wants to know where to find a cigarette case that zips shut, not snaps, with an outside compartment. Joanne Schwartz of Tampa wants a clear-plastic see-through coin purse and an instruction booklet for a Dremel Variable Speed Moto-Tool Kit, model 371.

We need parts for a Daikin zoned heat pump for Nancy Kravako of Largo and a soap holder (the kind with suction cups on either side of a round or oval thin rubber pad) that will attach to a fiberglass or tile shower shelf for Winifred B. Moor of Largo.

Where can Emilie Jackson of Palm Harbor find two black lights: one bulb for a pen-light flashlight, and one bulb that would screw into a curio cabinet? She collects Vaseline glass, and one test for it is that it glows under a black light.

Josephine DiRienzo of Palm Harbor wants to know what will remove tacky gum that holds up lightweight items on the wall.

And in the category of Unusual Request of the Week, is there a fur teddy-bear maker in the area? Mary Ellen Stoy of Spring Hill has a mink cape that she would love to have made into a teddy bear with jointed arms and legs.

Send questions, answers and tips to Reader Exchange, Home&Garden, the Times, P.O. Box 1121, St. Petersburg, FL 33731. Please include name, address and a daytime telephone number.