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46-year football man retires from "place in the sun'

The Rams' Marv Goux, who spent 46 years in football, announced his retirement Friday.

Goux, 61, played for the University of California-Santa Barbara and USC. He also was a key contributor to USC's football success as an assistant coach in 1961-1982, before joining the Los Angeles Rams as defensive line coach in 1983. Goux left coaching in 1990 to become an administrative assistant with the Rams.

"Football has always been my place in the sun from the time I could remember," Goux said. "I loved playing the game and knew from the beginning that I wanted to coach. No man has enjoyed what he has done more than I."

Newspaper report:

Browns talking to Monk

WASHINGTON _ Free-agent wide receiver Art Monk, who set the NFL record for career receptions during a 14-year career with the Redskins, has been contacted by the Browns, the Washington Post reported.

Another Washington wide receiver, Ricky Sanders, will visit the Chargers next week, the Post reported in Saturday's editions. Current Chargers general manager Bobby Beathard brought Sanders to the Redskins in 1986.

Monk, an unrestricted free agent, has not made an appointment to visit Cleveland, and talks are still in an early stage, the newspaper said.

The 33-year-old Monk was a free agent last season but received no significant offers. The Redskins then angered Monk by taking away his starting job. He showed up late to training camp but saw significant playing time in Washington's 4-12 season.