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Here are some other options for seniors

Among other travel options for older Americans:

Tours from such companies as:

Grand Circle Travel, (800) 248-3737.

Saga Holidays, (800) 343-0273.

Lazy Bones Tours, Evergreen Travel Service, (206) 776-1184.

RVs, with information from such members' groups as the Good Sam Club, (800) 234-3450 , and the Family Motor Coach Association, (513) 474-3622 or (800) 543-3622 .

Family travel. Grandtravel _ (800) 247-7651 or (301) 986-0790 _ arranges trips for grandparents and their grandchildren.


Retirees considering taking up residence in a new location can consult a number of sources of information, including:

Lifestyle Explorations, Boston, (617) 439-5328, which offers fact-finding tours abroad for retirees.

Barvi Tours, Los Angeles, (800) 824-7102, which offers retirement-in-Mexico tours to several colonial towns.

Such guidebooks as Adventures Abroad: Exploring the Travel Retirement Option, by Allene Symons and Jane Parker (Gateway Books); Where to Retire, by John Howells (Gateway Books); Retirement Places Rated, by David Savageau (Prentice Hall); and 50 Fabulous Places to Retire, by Lee Rosenberg and Saralee H. Rosenberg (Career Press).

Senior coupon books on major airlines

A comparison of discount coupons available to seniors 62 and older for one-way flights anywhere in the United States and to some Caribbean destinations.

Cost of Cost of Coupons Needed for

Airline 4 coupons 8 coupons validity Hawaii Alaska

America West $430 $720 one year NA NA

American $568 $984 one year 2 NA

Continental+ $549 $949 one year 2 2

Delta $568 $984 one year 2 2

Northwest++ $568 $984 one year 2 2

TWA $496 NA one year 2 NA

United $568 $984 one year 2 2

USAir $568 $984 one year NA NA

+ _ Flights to the the U.S. Virgin Islands, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic require two coupons.

++ _ Flights to Alaska require one coupon when traveling from Seattle.