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Lane-Glo sparks surge in bowling to perfection

Chris Langlo keeps providing the best bowling environment possible at Lane-Glo Bowl, and his customers keep responding with honor scores.

John Dalquest and Sandy Pfenninger are the latest to roll 300 games at the center. Dalquest, bowling in the Tuesday Men's Handicap League, used his perfect game to roll his first 700 series, a 709. Pfenninger uncorked a 300-690 in the Monday Mixed Foursomes Scratch League.

"We have always strived to provide our bowling families with a bright, clean environment with fair lane conditions at fair prices," Langlo said. "Still, we have some people who feel our rates are too high."

Langlo, whose family has been in the business for more than 50 years, said most national centers charge more than most Florida centers. "I heard a maxim several years ago that stated if we're not charging at least $2 per game, we're not running our centers like they ought to be in the '90s," he said.

A good example of cut-rate centers and their brief lifespans is Paradise Lanes, which died several months ago. Paradise Lanes management was a temporary but upsetting thorn in Langlo's side, with alleged price undercutting and league raiding. "You may attract good numbers of bowlers at first with cut rates, but you can't offer them the services and environment and they'll soon desert you," Langlo said.

In other news, Sonny Van Ochten is a double winner in the men's division of the monthly no-tap event and Pat Duer won the women's division. The next no-tapper is March 13 at Lane-Glo North Lanes, with a $12 entry fee and $150 to the winner based on 50 entries. The last event drew 111 entries.

Fund-raising drives are under way at Lane-Glo Bowl and Lane-Glo North to help finance YABA bowlers on their trip to the state tournament next June in Ocala. More than 90 youngsters from each center have qualified to compete.

ABC update: A 774 series by Longwood's Todd Agee remained atop the singles division as the second week of the 91st annual ABC Tournament ended in Mobile, Ala. Mark Moody of Panama City moved into seventh place with a 727 series.

Hack's Sports Specialties of Cincinnati remained the team leader at 3,190. Walter Tournier and Gary Grieves of Waterloo, Iowa, are the doubles leaders at 1,380. Mostly Rednecks of Franklinton, La., heads the Booster Teams with a 2,794.

Mike Neumann and Bob Ujvari of Buffalo, N.Y., each rolled 300 games on the same pair in the same game during their singles competition, an ABC tournament record. Six 300 games have been recorded so far.

The ABC convention beginning March 18 has 40 amendments on the agenda, one being the removal of the "male only" rule last November. If delegates fail to ratify the action, females no longer will be eligible for membership starting Aug. 1, 1994.

The tournament runs through June 13.

PBA update: Steve Hoskins of Tarpon Springs stands third on the money list five stops into the PBA winter tour. Hoskins successfully defended his championship in the $200,000 Quaker State Open at Grand Prairie, Texas, Feb. 5, winning his second career title.

In five tournaments, Hoskins has earned $45,650, including the $41,000 from the Texas event.

Norm Duke of Edmond, Okla., is the leader with $86,130, and Walter Ray Williams Jr. of Stockton, Calif., is second at $79,600.

Beginning with next Saturday's PBA National Championship at Toledo, Ohio, the ABC-TV shows will air in their familiar time slot from 3-4:30 p.m.

Michael J. Fox's new film Greedy, out last Friday, includes cameo roles by Johnny Petraglia, Amleto Monacelli, Parker Bohn III and Randy Pedersen, among others.