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Publicizing Veterans Day would help participation

Published Oct. 6, 2005

Editor: As veterans we disagree with your reasoning for keeping schools open on Veterans Day. The argument that if schools are closed on Veterans Day, parents would need babysitters to watch their children because places of business are open doesn't hold water. For your information, the vast majority of businesses are open every day except Christmas. Who babysits the children on those holidays and teacher planning days when schools are closed? Who baby sits during the 10-week summer vacation?

In Pasco County we are fortunate to have a beautiful Veterans Memorial Park on Hicks Road in Hudson. The assembled veterans organizations who belong to the Suncoast Veterans Affiliated Council will hold Veterans Day ceremonies at that park on Veterans Day. We are hoping that the young people of Pasco County will come out and participate in those ceremonies. In the communities throughout Pasco County various veterans organizations hold stirring Veterans Day ceremonies to which the public is invited. Those ceremonies go mostly unnoticed outside of the veterans community, because the Pasco Times and other papers in the county do not give those ceremonies the publicity they deserve. With proper publicity prior to and after those ceremonies there would be greater interest in them and a higher participation by the public. Veterans Day is Nov. 11.

The same can be said for Memorial Day. We hold stirring ceremonies for Memorial Day at Grace Memorial Gardens in Hudson and at Meadowlawn Cemetery in New Port Richey. Due to a lack of publicity in our local press, those ceremonies do not attract the citizens to participate. Memorial Day is May 30.

Our veterans fought in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, the Persian Gulf and are deployed in trouble spots throughout the world to preserve our way of life. Don't they deserve the respect of the community by closing schools and have the students and citizens of Pasco County participate in Veterans Day and Memorial Day ceremonies?

Michael J. Diglio,

Pasco Commander

DAV Chapter 78,

Past Chairman Suncoast

Veterans Affiliated Council,

New Port Richey