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Rating the trades

A look at this week's NBA trades:

Danny Manning for Dominique Wilkins and a draft pick:

The Hawks still have to sign Manning, and they've never been on his short list. This figures to disrupt their season because teams need time to adjust to major changes.

The Hawks can pursue Manning with an edge _ they alone can offer big money up front. If they lose him, they will have his $3.25-million slot to pursue Horace Grant et al., and can get on with their rebuilding program.

Orlando, still believed to be Manning's preferred team, can open a $1.6-million salary slot this summer, enabling the Magic to offer a $21-million, seven-year deal with a one-year termination clause, then re-sign him next summer. Manning's friends say he will make his decision on where he wants to be and would take the short money for a year.

Utah's Jeff Malone and a No. 1 pick to Philadelphia for Jeff Hornacek:

How is the Chicago Bulls' Jerry Krause going to explain this one?

Bull players ripped him for not upgrading Michael Jordan's old No. 2 guard position. Now the Jazz beats him to Hornacek, a fine player who can also play the point, giving up only sagging Malone and a draft choice, now projected as No. 20 overall.

The Bulls' Stacey King to Minnesota for Luc Longley:

Chicago reporters will miss King, who popped off as if he were a real player, when he wasn't threatening to set records for having 2-foot set shots blocked. The gentle Luc will look impressive alongside another 7-foot non-contributor, Will Perdue.

The Bucks' Frank Brickowski to Charlotte for Mike Gminski and a future No. 1:

Mike Dunleavy gets rid of free-agent-to-be Brickowski for a pick and takes Gminski, whom he'll cut at the end of the season, leaving a $2-million salary slot.

If this is the Hornets' big move to get a power forward, let's just say Brick's no Horace Grant.