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Rowden deserves thanks, reinstatement on board

Editor: To those who have been writing letters to editors "bad-mouthing" former School Board member Diane Rowden:

Mrs. Rowden may have violated the Sunshine Law, but why was she singled out? Many others were involved in the same affair. Was this a vendetta created by ex-superintendent Dan McIntyre, State Attorney Brad King and/or other unknown political cronies?

Much credit should be given to Mrs. Rowden for her lone crusade to improve the operation of a poorly managed school system. Maybe the "Black Hole" situation at Hernando High School (Jan. 16 Hernando Times) wouldn't have occurred if she had remained on the board. Her past record shows she had saved taxpayers many dollars.

The Hernando school system needs more people like Mrs. Rowden. Her reinstatement would bring back an asset to this district.

It would be nice if she would run for re-election, but I wouldn't blame her if she decided not to. She has received enough abuse for her dedicated efforts.

Eugene Fontana

Spring Hill

Times' ethics editorial

displays paper's hypocrisy

Editor: The hypocrisy displayed in your Feb. 18 editorial concerning Hernando County's ethics proposal was truly amazing.

In your editorial you expounded on the idea that if the entire proposal was not adopted, at least the portion which states that elected officials be barred from accepting gifts be adopted.

You failed to mention, however, that it was the Times that actually sent gifts to all of the elected officials in Pasco, Pinellas and Hillsborough counties recently in order to promote your own business.

I cannot understand how you can preach one thing in Hernando County, while practicing the opposite in Pasco, Pinellas and Hillsborough counties.

Three cheers to Senator Grant for making your gift-giving spree known to the public. From now on, please stop trying to fool the public by saying one thing in Hernando County and doing the opposite elsewhere.

Carl Cestaro

Spring Hill

Ethics code, lobbying

ordinance are good ideas

Editor: Regarding Commissioner Pat Novy's proposal for an ethics code or lobbying ordinance:

I think it's a great idea for the commissioners to establish a system whereby all persons coming to them to talk or lobby on any subject should be recorded in a journal, or a form designed specifically for this purpose.

A couple of sharper incisors in the current law would not harm anyone who is doing an honest day's work, and it certainly would serve to enhance the public's perception of our Board of County Commissioners.

As for flowers, pens, paperweights, etc., come on commissioners! Let's use some common sense in establishing the difference between the insignificant advertising items and the big-bucks gifts.

Commissioner Novy may have been the loser with her bid to create a lobbying ordinance for herself and her colleagues, but she sure came out a winner in the public's perception of what an elected official should be.

George Spina

Spring Hill

Sheriff's Office actions

toward woman were wrong

Editor: Please add my name to the growing list of people who are upset over the treatment of Mrs. Ferrantino by the Hernando County Sheriff's Office.

One would think since this was an elderly lady, some question would have been asked as to whether there was some illness to cause this type of reaction.

As Donna Green wrote in her letter to the editor on Feb. 20, Mrs. Ferrantino is very ill and has been gradually getting worse for the past two years.

She and her husband were our neighbors and we know them to be wonderful, kind and loving people. I felt very angered by the original newspaper article on Feb. 15.

To all the people who know this beautiful lady and her husband, please do not believe and take for face value the contents of that article. It is truly an injustice to this family.

Willie Mae Skalski

Spring Hill