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Another escapee back in jail

One of the five escapees from the Citrus County jail is back in custody after his attorney, Charles P. Vaughn, arranged for him to be picked up at a Pensacola bus station, Sheriff's spokeswoman Gail Tierney said.

Joseph Allen Provost, 22, escaped from the jail on Feb. 17 with four other men.

Early Sunday, Vaughn and two Citrus County investigators flew to Pensacola to pick up Provost. Provost was aware he would be arrested because he had made an earlier arrangement with Vaughn.

On Feb. 20, one of the escapees, Ronnie N. Buttram, 21, turned himself in. Two others, John Hufstetler and Jerry Hinton, were captured less than 10 miles north of the jail in Beverly Hills.

The five men escaped by pulling themselves through a drop-ceiling panel and crawling through an air duct that led to a maintenance area where a ladder had been stored.

The door leading to the outside grounds of the jail was unlocked. They used the ladder to scale the security fence surrounding the jail.

Officials still are looking for Frank Lynn Wiley of Inverness.

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