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Award-winning performances

SHELTON'S BRONZE MEDAL GOES TO . . . The Norwegian people, those dancing, singing, face-painting folks who couldn't do enough to make sure these Games went on. It didn't matter if you needed a ride or a translation, the Norwegians were there with a smile. Maybe we should all eat more salmon.

SHELTON'S SILVER MEDAL GOES TO . . . Dan Jansen, and his long, touching victory skate around the ice. For the United States, Jansen will be the lasting image of these Games, smiling, weeping, cradling his daughter in one hand, clutching an American flag in his hands, saluting his late sister. It was the picture of perseverance.

SHELTON'S GOLD MEDAL GOES TO . . . The Bosnian Olympic team, which showed up not so much to compete as to draw attention to the wasteland that has become Sarajevo. In the four-man bobsled, there were two Muslims, one Croat, one Serb. It was a living example that Games work better than life.

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