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An occasional collection of reader letters about the Entertainment/ Weekend pages.

Poor planning for Pavarotti

Editor: This is in rebuttal to the article dated Feb. 18, written by John Fleming, Times performing arts critic (Pavarotti).

First off if Mr. Fleming had been in the traffic jam he might have known what was going on. It took one hour to go one block to get into the USF grounds.

Missing was anyone controlling traffic on Fowler. Extremely poor planning for such a great event. That is the reason for people trailing in past 9 p.m. Pavarotti is a humble man, not mechanical as stated, not arrogant like our writer Mr. Fleming.

As for the acoustics, we all knew the event was taking place at the USF SunDome and in section M it was extremely good.

Perhaps in the future Mr. Fleming should stick to black tie events.

Toni Snell, Winnipeg, Manitoba,

Stella Hull, Winnipeg, Manitoba,

John McLean, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada


Re: Pavarotti event at Sun Dome, Feb. 17.

As a Pavarotti fan, I looked forward to a "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity to hear him at the SunDome Thursday night. Although sobering in price, I was able to get fairly good tickets. I congratulated myself for leaving Largo at 6:15 p.m. for the 8 p.m. concert. After arriving in Tampa, it turned into a traffic nightmare that resulted in our missing most of the performance.

The SunDome must have had sell-out crowds before and could handle the traffic. There were some traffic control people on campus who seemed about as confused (but lackadaisical) as we, and not a fraction as frustrated. I'm not sure they knew that there were two events -- there certainly were no signs to direct folks to one or the other.

We arrived at our seats at the beginning of the second half of the performance and -- you guessed it -- someone was occupying them.

I spent some time in the three-hour ordeal trying to figure out who was responsible. On my ticket (on which I'd like a 50-percent refund!) it says someone named Tibor Rudas presented the concert. Did he, or should he have assured that the site was appropriate in 'll aspects? Should the SunDome management have been responsible to coordinate with Betty Castor's folks to assure that two major attractions were not scheduled for the same night on the campus and, if they were, do something to facilitate traffic? Were the Tampa police alerted to the potential problem?

Hopefully, someone will learn a lesson. As for me, I feel cheated because I'm not likely to have a chance to see and hear Pavarotti live again.

Charles Kottich, Largo