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There's no hurry, but I will probably go to the movies more."

_ Retired Tampa dairy farmer Thomas Zambito, saying he wasn't sure how _ or how fast _ he was going to spend the proceeds of the $17-million Lotto jackpot he won last week.

Let them go. We won't miss a thing."

_ Tampa Tribune columnist Daniel Ruth, concerning rumors that the Tampa Bay Bucs might be sold and moved to Baltimore.

Money is the ultimate corruptor."

_ Miami trial lawyer Ellis Rubin, pledging to take no campaign contributions in a race for the U.S. Senate seat held by Republican Connie Mack.

I've tried to lead a complete, fun and full life. I have lived dangerously. You are only here once."

_ Rubin, on why he decided to jump into the Senate race.

You can't scare them anymore."

_ Hillsborough sheriff's Maj. Robert DeLuna, in a community meeting on youth gangs, talking about the cavalier attitude young people now have toward law enforcement.

This is so much harder than our regular job. We had to think about how we're supposed to walk and how we're supposed to stand."

_ Tampa firefighter Deborah Lawton, during judged competition to select models for a calendar to sell to raise money for charity.

I think a lot of cops are afraid, and you want to explain away how he got it. Because if he got it on the job, that's pretty scary."

_ Tampa police Officer Scott Guffey, whose partner, 30-year-old Gerald Johnson, died Feb. 21 of AIDS he said he contracted on the job.

It shouldn't be us or them. Transportation is one of those uniting things."

_ Tampa Mayor Sandy Freedman, proposing a single aviation authority to oversee operations at Tampa International Airport and the St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport.