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Your shot

This week's question dealt with those fun-filled beer commercials you see on TV during sports events. A national research group said it found that children were impressed by the commercials and may be influenced to drink. Several young readers shared their feelings about the issue.

I think it's kind of stupid because there are a lot of commercials out there that influence kids. But there are a lot of things that influence kids. I think they should just leave it alone.

_ Meagan Metan, 12, Clearwater

I don't think kids would do that because it is illegal, and I think most kids listen to their parents and the laws, but some kids might be influenced.

_ Brian Orloff, Safety Harbor

I think that the Bud Bowl is really interesting and cool, but I don't think that the beer commercials are that good.

_ David Sellaids, Palm Harbor

I think they are bad because they are a bad example for little kids.

_ Cameron White, 7, Tampa

I think that kids are influenced to drink beer and are impressed by the commercials because they say that if you drink this beer, this is what you'll look like, or who your friends are going to be.

_ Carmen Fon, 13, St. Petersburg

The kids may watch the commercials but that does not mean they are going to get up and get a beer. Knowing how to watch the commercials maturely is something I have learned to do.

_ Kelly Bailey, 14, St. Petersburg

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