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7 Serb tanks captured

Published Oct. 6, 2005

Seven tanks driven by rebel Serbs out of a heavy weapons free-zone around Sarajevo are now under the control of U.N. forces, a senior U.N. official said Monday.

Chinmaya Gharekhan, an aide to Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, was quoted as saying that the U.N. Protection Force (UNPROFOR) in Sarajevo "took immediate action and these seven T-55 tanks are now under UNPROFOR control."

Gharekhan, quoting from an UNPROFOR report, also said that the United Nations so far had gathered 280 heavy weapons from the Bosnian Serbs and 47 from the Bosnian government.

NATO issued an ultimatum to Moslem and Serb combatants around Sarajevo, effective February 21, threatening airstrikes against any heavy weapons remaining inside the 20-km (12-mile) exclusion zone around the city unless those guns had been surrendered to U.N. control.

Both sides withdrew most of their weapons from the zone and surrendered others to the United Nations.