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Again you can load up at library

Published Oct. 6, 2005

Bookworms can run and load up at the library once again.

City commissioners on Monday rescinded a 25-book limit they enacted in November, responding to a stream of complaints from library users.

Commissioner Fred Thomas, who originally proposed the limit, cast the lone vote against the move to lift it, saying private businesses are abusing the public library.

Thomas said day-care centers and private schools were checking out large numbers of books and that the city was essentially subsidizing those businesses.

About 150 users regularly check out more than 25 books, city figures show.

The city's Library Board advised commissioners to lift the limit, and city officials said businesses that check out large numbers of books bring them back on time. As a compromise, the library will post a sign asking that businesses not check out too many books, leaving up to the user the definition of "too many."