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East Lake council's founder returns

Mary Anne Schmidt is returning to the community leadership role that she abruptly quit three months ago.

Schmidt is to be nominated tonight for her old job, the presidency of the East Lake Community Council, which she founded two years ago.

"If I have support from the board and they want me to come back, I'd love to do it," Schmidt said.

The council has been East Lake's leading advocate for expanded services, such as recreation and a library services.

Since Schmidt resigned in December, Ron Grant has served as interim president, searching for a permanent successor. But Grant resigned last week. "My own situation came to the point where I couldn't continue," Grant said Monday.

Family responsibilities had pulled Grant and Schmidt away from the Community Council.

Grant said his wife recently has had to attend to family matters out of town, leaving him with extra parenting duties. That and his work as an insurance consultant left too little time for the civic group.

Schmidt resigned because of her pending divorce. She was job-hunting and was considering moving from East Lake, she said. But she obtained a nursing job with the Diagnostic Clinic in Largo and is staying in East Lake.

Several other board members have resigned recently, and filling the last vacancy is on the agenda of tonight's council meeting.


The East Lake Community Council meets at 7:30 p.m. tonight at George Young Memorial United Methodist Church, 2801 East Lake Road.